Globe & Miami, AZ


Big Nose Kate's Original Residence
Globe, AZ

Unknown voice sounds like "No" after two members say wow.

Unknown voice sounds like "No"

Unknown noise, sounds like a growl.

Unknown noises, not heard by members.

Globe Historic Jail 2012

Team was doing a private walk through and it sounds like a female voice saying something, unclear

Team members talking and can hear a female voice in the back ground.

Team members talking and a
unknown female laughing.

Team members talking and a unknown female voice talking, incomprehensible.

Unknown male voice clearly saying, "You know were still alive"

Globe Historic Jail 2013

Unknown bang and a child like voice before members talking on walkie-talkie.

Child's voice in response to members questions.

A unknown whisper sounds like
"I'm here"

Unknown child like voice sounds like 

Taken at 8:53:32
Team members react to temperature changes in the room with another team taking photos and caught this interesting gray haze.

Taken 8:53:44
Team members still noticing a temperature difference and an additional photo was taken as the mass changes position.

Taken 8:54:00
A third photo taken with the gray mass not visible and room temperature returns to baseline.

Taken 8:58:36
A member taking photo saw a black human shape form move from the hallway into the jail cell and shot this photo.

Taken 8:58:50
This photo was shot 14 seconds later with the mass not visible.

Soda Pops Antiques Store,
Miami, AZ

Unknown laugh

Unknown female high pitch voice

Unknown female voice

Noftsger Hill Inn B&B

Unk. laugh followed odd noise.

Unk. female voice, saying "Lori."

Unk. noise, sounds like a scream.

Unk. voice, sounds like "Move on."

Unk. voice after a team member asks question.

Unk. voice, sounds like "I know you"

Unk. voice sounds like "Sure."

Unk. voice.

Unk. voice, sounds like a child.

Unk. voice, sounds like "Hello".

Old J.C. Penny building  

Members talking and it sounds like a small boy calling for mom.

Members talking and it sounds like
coins jiggling

Members talking and acknowledge sounds of foot steps that they can't explain.

Members talking and it sounds like a unknown child talking amongst them.

Unknown female voice talking that wasn't apart of our team.

Unknown female voice, sounds like
"I have a question."

La Casita Café
Globe, Arizona

Unknown female voice, sounds like
"could someone turn this"

Unknown voice sounds like, 
"The Team the team"


Spiked ball moved by itself while in the women's restroom with no team members near by and no air movement in the building.
Soda Pops Antiques Store,

Unknown female voice

Unknown female voice

Unknown female voice 

Unknown child voice saying "Daddy"

Unknown voice saying "No" and then a "Yes"

Unknown female voice

Noftsger Hill Inn B&B Lobby


Bright round light coming from the ceiling area and comes towards the camera.


A distortion of something in the middle of the rocking chair.

Unknown whispering conversation taking place as team members talking.

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