Jerome Grand Hotel


PHX SPI Team at Jerome Grand Hotel

Jerome Grand Hotel was built in 1926 and opened as a hospital in 1927 and served the mining community till 1950. In it's day it was the most well equipped hospital in Western United States, reportedly there was a death a day for 24 years which accumulated to over 9000 deaths. 

For our investigation we rented four rooms on the third floor and the fourth floor was vacant. We obtained the EVP's from active vacant rooms. The unknown voices caught on EVP's were not distant hotel guests.

The weather was clear and cold with no wind.
4th floor hallway
unknown female voice.

4th floor room 42
unknown female voice.

3rd floor, unknown voice 
"why can't they go"

4th floor room 42
Unknown female voice "are they coming back.. see that"

4th floor hallway 
unknown voice "one by one"

In this enhanced photo it appears were seeing the left side of a face, with the eye, nose and mouth visible. 
Jerome Grand Hotel
January 20, 2013

The PHX SPI team stayed in the Grand Suite that night, but not many of us slept.

Unk. voice sounds like "No" in the boiler room

Unk. child's voice saying "Hello"

The Jerome Grand Hotel.

Unk. cough in room 41 with members acknowledging it.

Team member alone on the balcony of room 32 and asking a question and a unk. voice giving a clear "No"

Team members on the 4th floor in the hallway heard a dragging noise coming from the sun porch where there is no furniture.

Team members the next morning!

Teams asking questions and a unk. voice giving a answer with team members acknowledging it.

Team members asking questions and a female voice saying "Yep"

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