Monte Vista Hotel


Hotel Monte Vista
Flagstaff, Arizona March 2012

Unknown male voice saying "Small trouble for a young'en".  From room 220

Unknown voice saying what we think is "John Wayne" before members talking about turning off a flashlight.

Unknown voice sounds like "Shhhhhh" as members are talking, one member acknowledges it.

Unknown male voice in a room with no one else present. In the back ground you can hear members talking in another room.

Unknown faint voice repeating "Baby powder" after a members is talking about baby powder.

Unknown voice saying "No" and a whisper at the end with members talking.

Unknown child-like voice saying "Hello" as members are talking in front of hotel room #220.

Hotel Monte Vista
Flagstaff, AZ  March 2012

Bright light anomaly above pool table with no explanation on its origin. 

Bright light anomaly appears to be in the closest of room 220 with no other orbs seen on other pictures.

Room 220; As you can see, the first and last pictures seem perfectly normal.  Look closely inside the highlighted area to see the unusual mist that formed in between the two pictures being taken.

These photos were taken with a full spectrum camcorder, three photos in a row looking down the hallway on the second floor, it appears something black was caught in the bottom right corner of the middle photo. There was no one else in the hallway at the time the photo was taken. 
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