Red Butte Grand Canyon


Red Butte Grand Canyon Airlines was built in 1927 and was an active airfield until the mid 1960's providing aerial tours of the Grand Canyon. Famous visitors to the original Grand Canyon Airport included Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, Will Rogers and Hall Roosevelt among others.

The founders did a day investigation of this abandon hanger and were able to record some voices that we didn't hear at the time of the investigation. Some audio recordings are faint and need headphones to hear. A storm was moving through the area that brought some rain and plenty of wind. 

Unk. voice that at the begining sounds like it's saying SIX and towards the end we hear voice that sounds like a YES.

Unk. voice that sounds like they are saying COLD.

Unk. female voice talking, but not able to understand what they are saying.

Unk. voice that sounds like GET OUT.

Unk. voice that sounds like PAUL.

Unk. whisper that sounds like a NO.

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