Red Garter


Red Garter Bed and Bakery
Williams, Az
January 9, 2014

The team did an over night investigation at the Red Garter on January 9th and wasn't disappointed. We captured a number of EVP's that can't be explained. 

The team used a piece of equipment called an Ovilus 3 that generates words. The ovilus said words that were specific to the conversation and or the location and the team has never heard these words at any other prior investigation.

The Ovilus 3 is an electronic speech-synthesis device which utters words depending on environmental readings including electromagnetic waves.

Unknown female voice says "Hi" to two male team members setting up on the stairs.

Unknown female voice says "Hi' in the bakery area near the tech desk.

Unknown female voice; sounds like,
"Hey you guys go away or go around"

Unknown male voice; sounds like foreign language.

Ovilus says "Lori's that you"
Lori was present at the time.

Ovilus answers members question, do you know Lori from before and the ovilus answers "It's me"

Ovilus says "Slut" with an all female team investigating room one.

Ovilus says "Bastard" when male team members enters room one.

Unknown female voice; sounds like, "Oh life is so fun" with something else that can't be understood.

Unknown male voice; sounds like "Hi"

Unknown female voice; sounds like
"Come on kiss me"

Unknown female voice; sounds like,
"Oh wait a minute"

Unknown male voice; sounds like
"Ma'am or man"

Red Garter Bed and Bakery 
Williams, Az
  Red Garter Bed and Bakery, breakfast area.

The Red Garter was built in 1897 as a saloon and bordello. It was known as the rowdiest establishment in Williams Arizona. 

It's had a 100 years of violence, including stabbings and shootings with one event of Chinese men that came up missing and presumed dead.

Our team investigated over night with no hotel guests and was able to capture some unknown voices on EVP's and video.

The weather was cold and calm with no wind.

Unknown female voice 
mocking us.

Unknown female voice
"Well, what can we do?"

Unknown female voice 
"The doors not stoppin us"


We were testing the claims that the bed moves.
The camera was sitting on the bed.

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