Personal Residence


Harvey Residence

Unknown child giving two answers,
sounds like,
"I know" & I'm here"

Unknown child, sounds like,
"Can you come play with me?"

Unknown female voice, sounds like,
"Hey guys let me in"

Unknown child voice saying,
"I don't want to right now"

Unknown female voice, sounds like,
"That's what i'm going to do"

Unknown child voice, sounds like,
"Turn it off"


Ron using frequency box, and a unknown voice saying "No I'm not dead"

Ron asked the question, "Is it night-time or daytime" and the reply was "Night time"

S. Leaf Residence

Members interviewing residence and a unknown voice saying "I hear you" at
18 seconds.

Unknown voice sounds like
"noisy" at 4 seconds.

Ovulus response with to a question with a response saying "Possibly"

Ovulus response to a question with
"That I am"

Unknown male voice sounds like "We're good in the house"

Unknown male voice sounds like
"Hey guys... Stop popping"
at 7 seconds.

Unknown voice saying "get out" 
at 1 second.

Unknown voice sounds like "I am"
at 1 second.

Unknown voice sounds like "ouch"
at 9 seconds.

Ovulus response to a question with
"I am here"

Unknown voice saying "A book"
at 5 seconds.

The Historic Herb McKusick Home,
Globe, Arizona

The house was built in 1940 by Herb McKusick, a well-known local contractor and Iris enthusiast. It is located slightly West of Besh ba Gowah, a Pueblo originally established about 800 A.D. and abandoned about 1550-1600 A.D. during a major drought.

In the eighteen months the current owners have lived in the home, their dogs have begun barking at things that no one can see.

Members talking and a unknown Hum

Our team member asking to turn off the flashlight one more time and a unk male voice saying "No"

Our investigator asking are you pushing the flashlight and a unk male answering "Yes"

McDonald Residence
in Globe, Arizona


Ball movement on the bed
with no explaination

Unknown child like voice answering a question with "I am" at around eight seconds after it starts.

Unknown male voice answering a question, sounds like, "Jason"

Unknown voice, sounds like "Why"

Unknown voice, sounds like
"What are you going to do?"

Unknown voice, clearly saying
"Mercy Me"

Unknown voice, sounds like
"Did they ask?"

Unknown voice, sounds like
"Not for my life"

A unkonwn black mass in upper left side of picture that can't be explained. Members attempted multiple times to re-create.

Leaf Residence

A team member commenting on another team member closing a bathroom door and a unknown voice replied something in Spanish.

Unknown male voice saying "Mucho gusto"

Rocking chair movement with no one touching it. Look at the corners to see movement. The camera was clamped to a rocking chair.

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